Mudroom Reveal

Do you ever feel like there isn't enough space for you, or your family, when you arrive home?  Shoes, coats, wet boots, sunglasses, keys.  Things that easily pile up, get dirty, and then can never be found when you are running five minutes late.  It was a constant battle at our house, one that I wanted to find a solution for.  So we decided to take this space between our garage and the laundry room and turn it into a functional mudroom.  Check out the results below!  

A mudroom for the whole family.  A place for coats, hats, and even dripping boots.  www.thedempsterlogbook.comThis was a ramp space between the garage and our home that was uneven and unused when we moved here five years ago.  I knew we needed a space for coats, boots and a place to sit and tie shoes, so after a couple of years living in the home we got to work.  {Stay tuned all the way to the end where you will find my source list!}

A mudroom for the whole family.  A place for coats, hats, and even dripping boots.  www.thedempsterlogbook.comThe first step was having the benches built and walls sheet rocked.  Once the benches were ready I created the no-sew bench cushions.  They are coated in an outdoor fabric, which hold up against wet coats and bags full of groceries.  The light is a vintage style that fits the feel of the space.  The door is framed with old fence posts.  Something that brings instant character and color to the space.

A mudroom for the whole family.  A place for coats, hats, and even dripping boots.

I also added the draining boot trays, filled with river rock perfect for wet spring days.  No more boots sitting in pools of water.  Instead the water drips down and the boots dry.

Next I added extra storage with baskets for shoes, a coat hook and wall mounted baskets for hats, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen.  Love these wall baskets, they save us so much time digging for last minute items on the way out the door!

A mudroom for the whole family.  A place for coats, hats, and even dripping boots.

I went for darker colored walls because I knew they would take a lot of wear and tear.  The trim is Maison Blanche, walls are Zeus, and the stripes are Riverway.  All are from the HGTV line available at Sherwin Williams.

To finish it off I went with a high traffic quality carpet squares from Flor.  Love these for this space because they can handle the traffic and clean up so well.

A mudroom for the whole family.  A place for coats, hats, and even dripping boots.

Two years later and I am still so thankful we took the time to make this space useable and kid friendly.  I will never regret spending time creating more storage space in our home, and a place that functions well for the kids!

Source List:

Painting Supplies

Have any more questions about the space?  I would love to answer them in the comments section below.



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  1. Love it! The benches are genius!

  2. Love it, we really need to do something with our porch/mud room. It is full of boots and getting-muddy-shoes, coveralls and recycling. All out in the open. And one wall is done in barn boards because that’s what we had around. Cute, but rather dark. The other walls are in old off-white paneling. I would love to have it be as attractive as yours, as that’s how people enter the house. Maybe this summer. We don’t keep our every day coats in it though, because it’s unheated (don’t like a cold coat in the winter), so our coats hang on a door in our kitchen which is also not ideal. No coat closet. I need a solution for coats :)

    • Ohhh barn boards are fabulous!  You could white wash them to lighten them up!  And I totally understand.  This is how people enter our house too!  Hooks and lockers are great solutions for coats.

  3. Very cute! You did a nice job!

  4. Wow that looks incredible. We are lucky enough to have a breezeway that is basically a mudroom but I agree there is a need for space to organize the chaos!

  5. What a fantastic use of this space! I don’t live in a snowy area, but almost wish I did so that I could have a draining boot tray! Brilliant.

  6. Love the mudroom! We (finally) have one in our current home and I swear having one designated place to dump shoes, school bags, purses makes me a better (more sane) mother! Visiting from Turn It Up Tuesday.

  7. This looks amazing. What a change. Love how you worked the benches in with the ramp and the fence posts either side of the door – love it. Visiting from Inspire Me Monday Link Party .

  8. I love what you did with the space! We have an area in our basement that we are going to turn into a mudroom. I am pinning this for inspiration!

  9. Love the “benches” on either side! The second I saw the before photo I thought, “I wonder what they’re going to do about that slanted floor, if they’re keep it or do something…” Amazing transformation!

  10. This is amazing! What a great addition to your home!

  11. The mudroom came out beautiful. What a transformation. I will be featuring this at my next Swing into Spring party that opens each Tuesday evening at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  12. Very nice. Clever way to make the ramp work for you.

  13. This came out awesome!! I love the blue and the boot dry tray is such an amazing and easy idea! Thanks so much for sharing your project and reveal with us over at Turn It Up Tuesday!

  14. That turned out so good! I love the benches and the colors you picked are perfect! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!

  15. Love it! You did an amazing job with that space! I magha embossed it in your post, but what color is the door? It’s a great color.

  16. Sorry about autocorrect above; it should say “I might have missed it in your post”…😆

  17. Anja Pennell says:

    Did you take the initial siding down (on either side of the door) and replace it with sheet rock?

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